"You leave me no choice
I will draw Sanza fanart
And then drown in feels
- A Haiku by Kit

Do not worry friend
No one else in the books dies
(I might be lying)
- A Haiku by Fez

I am suspicious
Your words smell of deception
I do not trust you
- Another Haiku by Kit

As well you shouldn’t
Nothing/no one is sacred
God damnit Scott Lynch
- Another Haiku by Fez"

@anemoneink and I discuss books: an interpretive poetry exchange (via sixpennies)

This is the face of true friendship.


That wonderful moment you get to listen to a friend telling a book author ‘I hope they don’t kill off [favourite character(s)]!’ and the two of you share a nervous smile as if to say ‘well shit now we’re in trouble’

Were you literally just waiting until I knew they were dead to post this? You were, weren’t you. How dare you.

I’m not sure exactly what this is, but I discovered it this morning and it’s absolutely delightful.